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How We Handle Your Submitted Information:

When you submit a sprinkler system start-up request your information immediately goes to a secure, online database where it is retrieved by downloading to Microsoft Excel as a csv file daily at 6:00 a.m. Any requests made after the daily download will be added to the master list during the next daily information retrieval.

After you submit your sprinkler system start-up request you will see the information you submitted on this page and you wil also receive an email confirmation that your information was received and that you are on our list.

If you DO NOT receive a confirmation email, then your sprinkler system start-up request may not have gone through. Please wait a few minutes and submit again. Our servers update periodically throughout the day which can interfer with transmission. You can send me an email or text to see if your form was received if you would like.

Your information is safe with us. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

How We Organize Our Sprinkler System Start-Ups:

Unfortunately, as in our sprinkler blowouts, we cannot schedule appointments because of the large number of systems we have to turn on. We turn on only a small fraction of sprinkler systems than we blow out, but the time on each property can run about the same as blowouts since we more often than not are checking zone and head function as well.

Some sprinkler system start-ups can take much longer than others depending on many factors including inability to find valve boxes or the main shut-off, inaccessible yards, etc. That being the case, making appointments we may not be able to keep is unacceptable to us, and a pain in the neck to our customers. Therefore, the best we can do is post on our blog very early in the morning what zip code we will be in that particular day. The link to our blog can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you are not at home at the time of your sprinkler system start-up, we will attempt to complete the start-up in your absence. Please make sure access to all valve boxes is available. If we cannot do your sprinkler system start-up when we arrive because of locked gates, inability to find valve boxes, or concerns about dogs getting loose, you will be notified by email or text if you have checked the box on our form for text notification.

As with our sprinkler blowouts, all customer addresses are sent from our database to our GPS mapping software for better time and route management.

Sprinkler System Start-Up Request FormPlease use the form below to sign up for a sprinkler system start-up only. If you are looking for a sprinkler blowout, please use this form.


Spring can be hectic due to the amount of requests we receive, so if you call us, be prepared to leave us a message with your phone number so we can return your call. You may also text us, but the form below needs to be filled out for us to turn on your sprinkler system.


Sprinkler system start-ups tend to go faster than sprinkler blowouts, but even then we can run into system issues which could slow down our daily progress.


Make sure to check our blog every morning to know what area we are going to be in for the day. Email updates will be sent until we are going full bore on the season. The link to our blog is at the bottom of this page.


Do not put multiple addresses on one form. The information won't load correctly in our database, in which case additional addresses for service will be missed. Use one form per address.


Our Mailing address is: The Maintenance Shop, 2018 N. Glennfield Place, Meridian, Idaho 83646


Sprinkler System Start-Ups Are Open For The 2017 Season

We usually begin start-ups around the 10th of April to give irrigation water a chance to flow. If you are on city water and would like yours turned on earlier, please state that in the comment section of our form.

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