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who we are

about The Maintenance Shop

The Maintenance Shop is a locally owned and family operated business established in 1994. We have been in the Treasure Valley since 1997. Owner Steven M. Crist has over 30 years experience in the home repair and property management industry.

The name " The Maintenance Shop" comes from many years of working in apartment communities that had a location on the property called the maintenance shop. This shop contained everything needed to complete and task on the property. Steve wants customers to feel that by calling The Maintenance Shop they have the same advantage; one shop that can handle any repair needs they may have.

With thousands of satisfied customers, we strive for quality and workmanship at The Maintenance Shop. View our testimonals page to see what some of our customers have to say.

The Maintenance Shop exceeds the Idaho State contractor licensing requirements. His Contractor license #: RCE-14405, and his Backflow Testing license #: BAT21880


our history

1997 -

Moved to Meridian, Idaho and set up "The Maintenance Shop." At that time there were less than 10,000 people in the city of Meridian compared to over 100,000 now. We charged a whopping $13 and hour for repairs, with a $15 service call. We now charge $45 an hour for most repairs, and have a $30 service call, but we are worth it!

1999 -

We added sprinkler blowouts, start-ups, and sprinkler system repairs to our list of services. We charged only $10 for a sprinkler blowout and our first year out we had less than 100 customers! We charge a base rate now of $30, and have over 2,000 sprinkler blowout customers as of 2018.

2008 -

Due to the crash in the housing market, The Maintenance Shop ALMOST went under. The only thing that kept us afloat were our sprinkler blowouts and winterizations of a LOT of homes that were taken in foreclosure by financial institutions and would sit vacant for the winter.

2016 -

We "retired" our old towable compressor that we used for nearly 20 years and bought a much larger compressor to handle the large amount of blowouts we receive more quickly. A 250 cfm diesel compressor we named, "Cyclone."

2017 -

After several years of repairing and replacing backflow preventers Steve finally took the plunge and all the classes and exams required to become a licensed backflow tester in the state of Idaho. Many of our customers have asked for years if we would provide this service, and we did nearly 700 backflow tests in 2017 and 2018 combined.

2018 -

We hired Jesse on full-time with The Maintenance Shop. He had been working off an on as needed for nearly 4 years as a sub-contractor working with Steve learning the business, and building his skills so he could do service calls on his own. He now handles the majority of our sprinkler related jobs plus all jobs dealing with crawlspaces and roof work.

We also purchased another towable air compressor for Jesse to use to help us keep up with demand. He loves to do sprinkler blowouts, and did over 1,000 on his own this year. We hope to purchase a new machine each year.

why choose the maintenance shop?

we care about our customers

While The Maintenance Shop builds it's customer base, we are also building relationships founded on trust, quality, and willingness to serve. We have provided quality service to over 10,000 different customers over the 22 years we have been in the Treasure Valley. Many of the repair requests we receive are repeat customers that always call us first when they have a needed repair.

Experience you can trust

We have over 30 years experience in the home repair industry, with 22 years in the Treasure Valley.


#1 In Sprinkler Blowouts

We are the #1 company for sprinkler blowouts and lawn sprinkler system repairs in the Treasure Valley!

Highly Skilled Technicians

The Maintenance Shop is family owned and operated, and all employees have worked in or around the repair industry for several years.

One Call Does It all

Don't call several companies to take care of your repair needs. The Maintenance Shop covers more types of repairs than anyone else in the Treasure Valley

Our Mission & values

We Provide quality service at a reasonable price


Steve makes is so easy to schedule and pay for my sprinkler blow-outs every year. I have been using him 10+ years and each year he works on making the customer experience even better. Also, I have never had an issue with my sprinkler blowouts causing damage during the winter.

Tucker Anderson

Tucker Anderson
10+ Year Customer