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Backflow Testing Terms Of Service

Updated 25 March 2018

I understand and agree that:

  1. By filling out the backflow test request form I am requesting a backflow test at the location given on the form, and not inquiring about testing services.
  2. I can cancel my backflow test request, but must notify "The Maintenance Shop" of my cancellation by filling out the cancelation form located at this link:" Cancel My Backflow Test", and must do so at least 12 hours before The Maintenance Shop has posted, texted, or emailed they will be in my area, or face a $25 non-cancellation trip charge. Furthermore, if I have not cancelled, and The Maintenance Shop shows up at my property and I no longer want or need the service, I will be charged $25. The maximum amount I will be charged for either scenario is $25 total. I also understand the time the cancellation form is submitted is automatically recorded.
  3. If my water is not on at the time of the backflow test I understand that I will be charged $25 in addition to the cost of the test.
  4. I will be given at least 12 hours notice in advance of the date that the backflow test will be perfomed on my property unless it has been previously discussed with The Maintenance Shop by phone, email, or text that a lesser notification time is warranted, such as when an emergency test is required, or for convenience because The Maintenance Shop will already be in my area.
  5. To perform the backflow test, water must be running to the backflow at the time of service.
  6. The Maintenance Shop will charge me $30 for the backflow test on my property unless otherwise noted on the backflow test sign-up form.
  7. I will be charged and additional $30 if I live out of the normal service area as described on the website and the backflow test sign-up form.
  8. If The Maintenance Shop is unable to perform the backflow test because of missing test cocks, test cocks or shut-off valves not accessible due to rocks, dirt, water, or other obstructions, or due to heavy corrosion or damage where additional damage may occur if a test is attempted, I will be notified of the condition and repair or replacement options but still charged $30 for the trip.
  9. If my backflow should fail the test The Maintenance Shop will attempt to clean my backflow and test again immediately for no additional charge.
  10. If my backflow should fail the test after attempting to clean the assembly I will be notified immediately, and repair or replacement options will be discussed with me and approved before any work is performed, but I will be charged $30 for the test.
  11. If my backflow assembly passes the test but the tester determines the device is installed incorrectly, the authority having jurisdiction will be notified, and I will be given information on how the issue can be corrected.
  12. I will make sure my backflow is accessible the day of the test by removing debris from the top or around the valve box containing the assembly, or any obstacles around an above ground backflow assembly device that could hinder performing the test.
  13. The Maintenance Shop will submit the test results on my behalf to the authority having jurisdiction and email me a copy of the test within 20 days as long as payment has been made for the service.
  14. Unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to by The Maintenance Shop, payment for my backflow testing service must be received within 15 days of the date of service or a mechanical lien will be placed on my property, and additional fees will be added for late charges, handling, costs incurred, etc., and possible filing in small claims court. In addition, a late charge of $5.00 will be added every 15 days that the invoice is not paid.