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Request A Sprinkler Blowout

Sprinkler Blowout Request Form

Sprinkler Blowout Pricing

Sprinkler Blowout Pricing For Beginning of Season:

    • 1-5 Zones: $55
    • Additional Zones: $5
    • Additional Hook-up: $15

    Sprinkler Blowout Pricing November 10 - November 30 (NEW Requests):

        • 1-5 Zones: $65
        • Additional Zones: $5
        • Additional Hook-up: $15

      Sprinkler Blowout Pricing December 1 And Later (NEW Requests):

          • 1-5 Zones: $75
          • Additional Zones: $5
          • Additional Hook-up: $15

        Sprinkler Blowouts And Home Winterization

        Use the form below for a sprinkler blowout request only. If you are wanting to request a sprinkler system start-up, please use the form located here:  Startup Form.

        If you have general questions, the best way to get hold of us is through email and text, with text preferred. Sorry, but there is no time for phone calls during sprinkler blowouts, or time to check voice mail. You can email us using our contact form located here: Contact Form. 

        Do not put anything in the "Additional Info" section on the form that you want us to know before the blowout.  It is rarely looked at until we arrive at the jobsite. If there is information you fee we need to know before arrival send us a text. The space onthe form is for important info regarding your blowout like the location of valve boxes, timer if applicable, pets to watch for, etc.

        If you sign up for text notification on the sprinkler blowout form we will let you know the night before or very early the day of when we will be in your area. We may also send you an email the night before we are to be at your location. You can then check our blog to see important information about our route for that particular day. General email updates may be sent periodically during the blowout season, but most frequently at the beginning of the season. The link to our blog is also at the bottom of this page. We have completed over 50,000 sprinkler blowouts with this system, and it has worked quite well. If you wish to cancel your sprinkler blowout, click this link:  Cancel Here. All cancellations must use the cancellation form as stated in our terms of service (No Acceptions)

        To review our terms of service for sprinkler blowouts click this link: Sprinkler Blowout Terms

        Submission Information

        When you submit a sprinkler blowout request your information immediately goes to a secure, online database where it is immediately retrieved inot our database automatically.

        After you submit your sprinkler blowout request you will receive a confirmation email showing the information you sent to us.  PLEASE double-check the info and if you see any mistakes in your information let us know right away by text so errors can be corrected.  We are not responsible for incorrect information on your form.

        If you DO NOT receive a confirmation email,  and after texting us to verify you submission and we did not receive it, your request did not go through.  Please submit again.  We do have problems with certain iPhones, which we cannot explain at this time.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

        Your information is safe with us. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

        How We Organize Our Sprinkler Blowouts

        WE CANNOT SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS. Some sprinkler blowouts can take much longer than others depending on many factors including inability to locate valve boxes or the main shut-off, inaccessible yards, etc. That being the case, making appointments we may not be able to keep is unacceptable to us, and a pain in the neck to our customers. Therefore, the best we can do is post on our blog very early in the morning what zip code we will be in that particular day, and a text notification the night before when we can. You can find the link to our blog in several locations throughout our site.

        If you are not at home at the time of your sprinkler blowout, we will attempt to complete the blowout in your absense. Please make sure access to all valve boxes is available. If we cannot do your sprinkler blowout because of locked gates, inability to find valve boxes, or concerns about pets getting loose, you will be notifited by email or text if you have checked the box on our form for text notification. 

        All customer addresses are put into a GPS mapping software for better time and route management. Keep in mind that a sprinkler blowout request from a week ago and one from two days ago may be done on the same day depending on where we are in our route. We WILL get to everyone on our list. If yours hasn't been done while in the scheduled area it will be done on the next round. We have never accidentally missed a sprinkler blowout that is on our list.

        Sprinkler Blowout Stats

        We have added a sprinkler blowout stats page to our website that is also visible on our blog so our customers can see how many sprinkler blowouts we have in a particular area, and how many have been completed. You can see the stats for the season here: Sprinkler Blowout Stats.

        If you are Using An iPhone and have trouble with our form use this link:Sign Up Form

        we are OPEN for The 2023 Sprinkler Blowout Season

        Thank You For Your Business

        If The Form Is Not Visible We Are Closed to new requests