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Sprinkler Blowout Terms Of Service

Updated 31 august 2020

I understand and agree that:

  1. "The Maintenance Shop" cannot schedule appointments for sprinkler blowouts.
  2. "The Maintenance Shop" cannot make or receive calls during sprinkler blowout season.
  3. By filling out the sprinkler blowout form I am requesting sprinkler blowout service be performed on the property listed on the form.
  4. If I have a dual sprinkler system able to run off city water or well and pressurized irrigation, I need to make sure "Dual" is checked under the "System Type" drop-down. The sprinkler blowout technician assumes that the pressurized irrigation portion is all that is used and performs the sprinkler blowout accordingly. It is my responsibility to add in the comments section of the sprinkler blowout form if the city side of the sprinkler system has been used, so it can be winterized properly. I further understand that "The Maintenance Shop" is not liable for any damage to my system if I fail to inform them on the sprinkler blowout form.
  5. I must check the blog at daily if I wish to know what day "The Maintenance Shop" will arrive at my property for the sprinkler blowout.
  6. If I have checked the box for text message updates, I am responsible for any data charges that may occur from my service provider.
  7. It is my responsibility to make sure my texts and emails are working correctly for text and email updates, and The Maintenance Shop is not responsible for missed emails or texts.
  8. If I am not at home at the time of the sprinkler blowout, "The Maintenance Shop" will attempt to do the sprinkler blowout in my absense.
  9. I will make sure that valve boxes are uncovered and easy to locate by removing grass, weeds, bark, rock, or other items.
  10. If I am not at home during my sprinkler blowout an invoice will arrive at the email address I listed when I signed up for the service.
  11. I am responsible for any and all costs incurred for misinformation given on my sprinkler blowout form, whether it be incorrect phone number, email, or address.
  12. If no blowout port is available, and a test cock on a backflow preventer or vacuum breaker has to be used to properly blowout the system, The Maintenance Shop is not responsible for damages to such devices. Furthermore, I understand that The Maintenance Shop is not responsible for damages to main and drain valves through normal turning on or off procedures.
  13. "The Maintenance Shop" will use the utmost professionalism and experience to prevent problems or damage to my sprinkler system during a sprinkler blowout, and I will not hold them liable for damages incurred to sprinkler lines, backflow preventers, main & drain valves, zone valves and solenoids, wiring, valve boxes, hose bibs, timer, or any other part of the sprinkler system during a sprinkler blowout. I further understand that if the sprinkler blowout technician sees an issue with the system that could be a potential problem, he/she reserves the right not to blow out my system.
  14. If the technician finds that water is still flowing to my pressurized irrigation system he will turn off the water at the primary or main water valve located deep in the ground if such valve is available to avoid freeze damage to my secondary valve and then proceed with the blowout. If a primary valve is not available the technician will not perform the blowout, but will come back once the irrigation system to my property is no longer pressurized at no additional cost to me.
  15. I can cancel my request, but must notify "The Maintenance Shop" of my cancellation by filling out the cancellation form located at this link:" Cancel My Sprinkler Blowout", and must do so at least 12 hours before The Maintenance Shop has posted they will be in my area, or face a $30 non-cancellation trip charge. Furthermore, if I have not cancelled, and The Maintenance Shop shows up at my property and I no longer want or need the service, I will be charged $30. The maximum amount I will be charged for either scenario is $30 total. I also understand the time the cancellation form is submitted is automatically recorded.
  16. If I sign up for a sprinkler blowout after a freeze has already occurred The Maintenance Shop is not liable for any damage to my sprinkler system before or during the sprinkler blowout.
  17. I may cancel my sprinkler blowout if I feel The Maintenance Shop will not get to my system in a time frame comfortable to me, as long as it is 12 hours or more before I have been placed on a route or they arrive at my property.
  18. The Maintenance Shop has informed me of techniques to help protect my sprinkler system from freezing while waiting for a sprinkler blowout located at this link: " Help Protect My System From Freezing", and our webpage: " How To Protect My Backflow Preventer From Freezing", and that it is up to me to perform these safety measures, and will not hold "The Maintenance Shop" responsible if my system has frozen before they have arrived to do the blowout.
  19. I understand that if my sprinkler blowout has already been completed and "The Maintenance Shop" has not been notified per their cancellation form, and has hooked up their equipment to my sprinkler system to do the blowout, it counts as a sprinkler blowout and I will be charged the normal price I would have been charged for the blowout.
  20. The Maintenance Shop is not responsible for missed emails, emails that go into a junk folder, or emails blocked by my service provider.
  21. Payment is due at time of service if I am home during the sprinkler blowout. Otherwise, payment is due upon receipt of my invoice.
  22. The Maintenance Shop will make three attempts or visits to blow out my sprinklers. If they are unable to do so because of locks gates, dogs, or similar issues not related to the system itself, I understand I will be charged the normal cost of the blowout even if it was not completed.
  23. Unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to by The Maintenance Shop, payment for my sprinkler blowout service, trip charge, or any other items invoiced, must be received within 15 days of the date of service or a mechanical lien could be placed on my property at the discretion of The Maintenance Shop, and additional fees will be added for late charges, handling, costs incurred, etc., and possible filing in small claims court. In addition, a late charge of $5.00 will be added if my invoice is not paid within 15 days of the service date.
  24. I understand sprinkler blowout pricing is as follows: Beginning of season through November 9 sign-ups, 1-5 zones are $30, and $5 per additional zone. November 10 through November 30 sign-ups, 1-5 zones are $40 and $5 per additional zone. December 1 and later sign-ups, 1-5 zones are $50 with $5 per additional zones.