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Sprinkler System Repairs

We do sprinkler start-ups, adjustments, and repairs

The sprinkler system repair portion of our business has grown immensely over the last several years to be more than half of the service calls we receive. We cover all phases of sprinkler system repair, however we do not install new systems only because of the time factor with all the work orders we receive. The sections below show most of the sprinkler system repair work we do, but if there is something you need that isn't listed let us know. We can probably take care of it for you.

sprinkler system start-up
Sprinkler System Start-Up

The Maintenance Shop can get your sprinkler system up and running for the season and make necessary adjustments and repairs. We start in mid-March and run throughout the summer with start-ups. Visit our sprinkler start-ups page for more information

Backflow preventer test and repair

Backflow Preventers

We can test and repair your backlow preventers, bring them up to the state of Idaho plumbing code, and do full product replacement as needed. We can also install backflow preventers if you don't currently have one. State law requires a backflow preventer if your sprinkler system runs off city water or a well. If you would like more information, please visit our backflow preventer page.

broken sprinkler head repair

Sprinkler Head Repairs

We can repair or replace your sprinkler heads and make sure they are providing the proper amount of coverage for your lawn. We can also move sprinklers to a different location if needed.

sprinkler main and drain valve repair

Sprinkler Main & Drain

Over a period of time sprinkler main and drain valves wear out and need replaced. One of the first signs there is a problem is water in the tubes where you valves are located 3 to 4 feet deep in the ground. If they are not dealt with at the first sign of trouble they could cause worse problems like corroding the piping in the ground, or corrosion of the valves themselve. This could lead to a break which will require the water to your home to be shut down at the meter until it is repaired. Unfortunately the only way to repair these valves is to dig them up and replace the valves themselves and much of the time the piping that goes to them.

This is a labor intensive job that we can generally do in one day.

sprinkler manifold repair

Sprinkler Manifold Repair

Many sprinkler manifolds are made of PVC pipe, and it will get brittle with age. We do not like manifolds made of PVC because if a section does break from freezing or aged, the entire manifold has to be rebuilt because the PVC fittings are so close together it can't be patched. We use a solid manifold with fittings that can be easily removed if neccesary for repairs.

sprinkler valve boxes

Lost Valve Boxes

Sprinkler valve boxes get covered up with dirt, rocks, bark, grass, and other items and can be hard to locate. If you have a zone that turn on or shut-off and the valve box the zone is in is buried it can be a problem.

We have the equipment to trace the wiring and find buried valve boxes. We can also find broken wires as well underground.

sprinkler timers

Sprinkler Timers

We can program your sprinkler timer for you no matter what the model of timer you have. We have worked on them all!

If your timer isn't working properly, we can diagnose the problem for you and make a repair or suggest a replacement. The majority of the time is isn't a sprinkler timer issue at all that is causing the problem. it could be a zone valve or wiring problem, or sometimes operator error.

sprinkler valves

Sprinkler Valve Repair

The Maintenance Shop repairs and replaces electronic sprinkler valves.

If your valves are leaking, zones won't shut off, or they won't turn on. Electronic valves are like anything else; they wear out, and will eventually need parts or replaced. Let us diagnose the problem and make the repair.

sprinkler wiring repair

Sprinkler Wiring Repairs

If you have sprinkler zones that won't come on electronically we can diagnose the problem and fix it. We have specialized equipment designed specifically for diagnosing timers and solenoids and can useually determine the problem quickly and get your system back running properly.

sprinkler blowouts

Sprinkler Blowouts

We are the number one sprinkler blowout company in the Treasure Valley with over 150 5-star reviews on Google. More reviews than any other related company in the state of Idaho. We have done over 22,000 sprinkler blowouts! If you would like to get more information about sprinkler blowouts or to sign up for service, please visit our sprinkler blowout page.

sprinkler valves

Broken Sprinkler Lines

Sprinkler system pipes can break for a number of reasons. PVC gets brittle with age as the chemicals in the pipe leaches into the soil. Water left in them over the winter can freeze and crack the pipe, tree roots can break piping or pinch poly pipe enough that you won't get proper water flow. Of course pipe breaks can happen by accident when replacing a fence post, planting trees and shrubs, etc. We can fix these breaks for you.

Sign up for a sprinkler blowout

Sign Up For A sprinkler Blowout

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