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Sprinkler Startup Terms Of Service

Updated 7 March 2021

I understand and agree that:

  1. "The Maintenance Shop" cannot schedule appointments for sprinkler start-ups.
  2. By filling out the sprinkler start-up form I am requesting sprinkler start-up service be performed on the property listed on the form.
  3. If I am not at home at the time of the sprinkler start-up, "The Maintenance Shop" will attempt to do the sprinkler start-up in my absence.
  4. If I choose "Package A" on the sprinkler system start-up form, my system will be turned on and checked for immediate system leaks around the main & drain valves or irrigation valve and backflow preventer if applicable. I further understand that if there is a leak that warrants turning the system back off at this location, the sprinkler technician will do so and notify me as soon as possible. I also understand I will be charged $30 for the service, whether the water is left on or not, and will not hold "The Maintenance Shop" responsible for any damages to the backflow, main & drain valves, electronic valves, sprinkler heads, or the yard during the startup process.
  5. If I choose "Package B" on the sprinkler system start-up form, "Package A" terms are included, plus the sprinkler technician will check heads for function and make minor adjustments if needed. I also understand that if heads are buried and do not pop up they could be missed while doing the inspection. If the sprinkler timer is available at the time of inspection, I understand that it will be programmed for spring watering only. I understand that I will be charged $45 for 1-5 zones, and $5 per each additional zone for this service. I understand that the sprinkler technician will inform me if there are leaks or other issues with the valves or sprinkler timer.
  6. If I choose "Package C", Package "A" terms and "Backflow Testing" terms apply. 
  7. If I choose "Package D", Package "B" terms and "Backflow Testing" terms apply. I will be charged $75 for up to 5 zones, and $5 per each additional zone.
  8. I am responsible for any and all costs incurred for misinformation given on my sprinkler start-up form, whether it be incorrect phone number, email, or address.
  9. The Maintenance Shop will make three attempts or visits to start up my sprinklers. If they are unable to do so because of locked gates, dogs, or similar issues not related to the system itself, I understand I will be charged the normal cost of the sprinkler start-up even if it was not completed.
  10. If I am a renter, I am responsible for all charges related to the service requested, including #7, #18, #19, and #20 of these terms, and that non-payment could result in legal action, where I will be responsible for all legal fees and costs associated with the filing and my current balance due.
  11. It is up to me to contact "The Maintenance Shop" if water is not yet running at my property. If there is a system problem where water is not getting to my property, I understand I will still be charged for the service according to the package chosen, but "The Maintenance Shop" will return to my property at no charge to continue services not yet completed according to the package chosen on my form.
  12. If I am on a dual sprinkler system, such as pressurized irrigation and city water, I understand that only the pressurized irrigation system will be activated during start-up unless "The Maintenance Shop" is informed in the comment section of the sign-up form.
  13. During normal start-up procedures, The Maintenance Shop is not responsible for damages to pet cocks, valves, diaphragms, or any other parts attached to a vacuum breaker or backflow preventer, sprinkler valves, including wiring, solenoids, valve boxes, hose bibs, timer, filters, sprinkler heads, or any other part of the sprinkler system. Furthermore, I understand that The Maintenance Shop is not responsible for damages to main and drain valves through normal turning on or off procedures.
  14. I will be informed if there other repairs needed such as, but not limited to, sprinkler head or nozzle replacement, sprinkler valves, backflows, vacuum breakers, etc., and that no work will be performed on these items without my approval. I understand additional labor and material costs will be incurred.
  15. I must check the blog at daily if I wish to know what day "The Maintenance Shop" will arrive at my property for the sprinkler start-up.
  16. If I have checked the box for text message updates, I am responsible for any data charges that may occur from my service provider.
  17. It is my responsibility to make sure my texts are working correctly for text updates, and The Maintenance Shop is not responsible for missed texts.
  18. I will make sure that valve boxes are uncovered and easy to locate by removing grass, weeds, bark, rock, or other items.
  19. If I am not at home at the time of service, an invoice will arrive at the email address I listed when I signed up for the service.
  20. I can cancel my request, but must notify "The Maintenance Shop" of my cancellation by filling out the cancelation form located at this link: " Cancel My Sprinkler Start-Up", and must do so at least 12 hours before The Maintenance Shop has posted they will be in my area,  or shows up at my property, or face a $30 non-cancellation trip charge. Furthermore, if I have not cancelled, and The Maintenance Shop shows up at my property and I no longer want or need the service, I will be charged $30. The maximum amount I will be charged for either scenario is $30 total. I also understand the time the cancellation form is submitted is automatically recorded.
  21. Payment is due at time of service if I am home during the sprinkler system start-up. Otherwise, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice in my email.
  22. Unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to by The Maintenance Shop, payment for my sprinkler startup service, trip charge, or any other items invoiced, must be received within 15 days of the date of service or a mechanical lien could be placed on my property at the discretion of The Maintenance Shop, and additional fees will be added for late charges, handling, costs incurred, etc., and possible filing in small claims court. In addition, a late charge of $5.00 will be added if my invoice is not paid within 15 days of the service date.