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Featured Handyman Repair Services

We service the entire treasure valley and beyond

Some Of Our Most Common Repairs Are Listed Below

With 30+ years in the repair industry, there isn't much we do not do, or haven't done at one point or another. Use the information below to go to the specific page of the service you need. The items shown below are the most common handyman repairs that we do, but we cover about every repair you home could possibly need.

Our handyman services cover the entire Treasure Valley. We do repairs in Meridian, Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Star, Garden City, Nampa, Caldwell, Notus, Middleton, and Melba. We have done maintenance and repair in Parma, Fruitland, and Payette, and as far as Idaho City, Centerville, McCall, Stanley, Mountain Home, and Ontario, Oregon. We have even had an occassion or two where we worked on larger projects as far away as the Salt Lake City area.

sprinkler system repair

Sprinkler Systems

We can repair your sprinkler system, whether it be timer issues, faulty wiring, leaking valves, solenoids, broken lines, tree root issues, start-ups or blowouts.

Locks rekeyed, repaired, and replaced


Locks rekeyed, replaced, holes drilled for new locks, deadbolts installed.

Backflow testing and repair

Backflow Testing

State law requires you have your backflow tested annually. We can test, repair, or replace backflow preventers.

Sprinkler blowout

Sprinkler Blowouts

We are the #1 sprinkler blowout company in the Treasure Valley, and have done over 22,000 sprinkler blowouts. Visit our sprinkler blowout page for more information and to sign up for service.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleanout

Let The Maintenance Shop clear your dryer vent so your dryer will run more effectively and help prevent a dryer fire.

Window and patio screen repair

Window & Patio Screen Repair

We repair and replace hundreds of window and patio screens each year in the Treasure Valley.

Shower and tub valve repair

Shower And Tub Valve Repair

We can repair your leaking shower and tub valves. The Maintenance Shop can also install new shower and tub valves assemblies, Many times we replace the tub and shower valves when we re-tile a bathroom so everything is brand new!

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing Repair

We repair and install water heaters, garbage disposals, kitchen and bath faucets, clogged drains, shower valves, sinks, and toilet repair, and more.

Hose bib repair

Hose Bib Repair

Is the hose bib on your house leaking? Don't try to stop the drip by turning the handle too tightly. You can damage it to the point where a replacement is necessary. Call The Maintenance Shop and we can repair your hose bib. If it is damaged beyond repair, we can replace it for you as well.

Siding Repair

Siding Repair & Installation

We ran repair or replace damaged sideing. Whether it be from pet or water damage, insect infestation, fire, or dry rot from fungus. As long as we can find the siding or a close match, we can make the repair and if applicable, paint it for you as well.

Security camera installation

Security Camera Installation

We can install security cameras for the interior and/or exterior of you home or business. Most systems today give you the ability to see what the cameras see and receive notifications on cell phones or tablets if there is movement within the camera's range giving you piece of mind at all hours of the day.

interior and exterior painting

Interior & Exterior Painting

We can do all the prep work necesary of siding, doors, trim, or interior drywall to prepare for painting, and then paint the interior or exterior of your home.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration 

Rejuvenate your lawn with lawn aeration. We use a core aerator that pulls tiny plugs out of your lawn that will decompose in a few weeks. Aeration allows for oxygen, water, and fertilizers to reach the roots to increase growth, and helps loosen tightly compacted soil.

Cedar fence repair

Fence Repair

If you fence is falling down, has broken posts, stringers, pickets, etc., we can fix them for you. We work on cedar, cyclone, and iron fences. Need a gate repaired or installed? We can do that too.

Hose bib repair

Leaking & Damaged Roof Vents

We can replace your damaged roof vents. If you have a leak in your home during a rainstorm, it is likely a damaged roof or plumbing vent. Plastic roof vents are the worst, and break down over a period of time. If your roof vents are plastic, have us replace them with metal before damage occurs.