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Lawn Aeration Service

We do lawn aeration in Meridian, Eagle, Boise, Star, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, and beyond!

Why you should aerate your lawn

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When aerating a lawn we use equipment to perforate the soil removing small plugs to allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. These plugs are left on the surface and will decompose within a few weeks. Plug aeration allows the roots to grow deeper and produce a stronger lawn, making it more disease and drought resistant.

For the soil in the Treasure Valley we recommend having your lawn aerated anytime in April and May, and again in September or the first week of October.

lawn aeration diagram

Problems to watch out for that make you a good candidate for lawn aeration

  • If you have heavy traffic on your lawn from children and pets it can compact your soil and lawn aeration is recommended.
  • If you have a newly contructed home where the topsoil has been stripped or buried, and grass growing on subsoil has been compacted by construction traffic you will benefit from lawn aeration.
  • If you lawn dries out easily and has a spongy feel to it you could have a excessive problem with thatch. You can take a shovel and removed a small section about 4" deep. If the thatch layer is greater than one-half inch, you should have your lawn aerated.

How we do lawn aeration

We hear a lot of horror stories about some of the other companies that provide lawn aeration. Damage to plants and fences from out of control aeration machines, sprinkler heads being damaged during the aeration process, etc. Before we aerate your lawn, we will do a walk-thru and flag any sprinkler heads we see so they can be avoided when we run the lawn aerator. We also very careful around treese and shrubs, fences, and lawn decorations, etc.

Cost For Lawn Aeration & Overseeding For 2024 (Based on lot size - NOT grass area)

Lawn Aeration (We Do Plug Aeration ONLY)
0 - 5,000 Square Feet $55.00
Each additional square foot in 1,000 square foot increments: $10
0 - 5,000 Square Feet $55.00
Each additional square foot in 1,000 square foot increments: $10

Contact us for larger lot size, and we can give you a quote.

If the form is not visible, we are closed for lawn aerations until April 2024

core aeration plugs

Plug Aeration

Plug aeration removes plugs of grass and soil and leaves them on the surface to decompose. This method allows moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the roots more easily, and helps loosen up compacted soil. In sloping areas plug areation is best because it minimizes run-off from rain and watering with your sprinkler system.

This is the most preferred method of lawn aeration, and is also the only method we will use.

spike lawn aeration

Spike Aeration

Spike aeration pokes holes in the ground using a solid tine or fork. This method of lawn aeration is not nearly as effective as plug aeration, and can actually cause additional problems.

If your soil is already compacted, poking holes in your yard can actually add to the compaction because the tines are mashing the soil together to make a hole in the ground.

We do not recommend this method of lawn aeration.

overseeding your lawn


Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into your existing turf. Overseeeding will help fill in bare spots, improve the density of your lawn, and enhance your lawns color. It's an easy way to fill in bare spots, improve the density of turf, establish improved grass varieties and enhance your lawn's color.

If your lawn looks old, or just “worn out,” or needs an increasing amount of water and fertilizer to keep it looking good, or is prone to disease or insect infestation, overseeding could help bring your lawn back where it should be.

We can overseed your lawn while we are there to do your lawn aeration. There have been many improvements to different grass seed varieties. Overseeding these newer turfgrass varieties into an older lawn can help it better withstand infestation by insects, various diseases, drought, shady conditions and even heavy traffic. Overseeding will reduce the amount of fertilers, pesticides, and water required to make your lawn look healthier, and stay greener. We used a blended mix that will match up to most lawns, but there could be some slight color variance.