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sprinkler blowouts and home winterizations

When you need a sprinkler blowout call The Maintenance Shop. We have done over 20,000 sprinkler blowouts in the Treasure Valley over the last 20 years. Our sevice area for sprinkler blowouts in Idaho is primarily in Meridian, Boise, Garden City, Hidden Springs, Avimor, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Star, and Kuna, but we also blowout sprinklers in Middleton, Melba, Parma, Emmett, and Idaho City. Certain areas such as Parma, Melba, Emmett, Horseshoe Bend, etc., have a trip charge added to the cost of the sprinkler blowout. We service residentail and commercial systems as well as large acreage or farm property. You will the the same persons doing your sprinkler blowout year after year; no sub-contractors as in many of the other companies. You can rely on someone who will become familiar with your property.

When The Maintenance Shop performs your sprinkler blowout we on only the minimum amount of air pressure required by your particular system. We start out at a low pressure and then increase as necessary to make sure all the water is out of the lines. Pipes and fitting connections can weaken with age so care has to ber taken to not cause a break in the line. If sprinkler heads are old or clogged, or have been damaged in some way by lawn mowers, weed whackers, etc., the chance of "blowing" a sprinkler head increases. Keep the filters in your sprinkler heads clean; if water can't get through properly it also increases the chance of a "geyser" when air is put through the lines.

The Maintenance Shop also winterizes homes as well. If your home is going to remain vacant over the winter months call or email us! We will drain the water heater, remove water from the toilet tanks and bowls, and blowout the water in the lines that run through your home. If you are putting your RV or camper away for the winter we can remove the water from thatm as well. Email us for home winterization and RV rates.

The Cyclone

This is the "Cyclone", our largest air compressor at 250 cfm.

Powerful enough to send a small house to the land of Oz, but gentle enough to pump up a basketball

sprinkler Blowout Services

Click Here To Sign Up For A Sprinkler BlowoutClick on the box above to get to our sign-up page where you can fill out our form for a sprinkler blowout. Due to the large number of blowouts we receive as well as the liability concerns, we take online sign-ups only.

why you should have your sprinklers blown out

Below is an example of the damage caused by water freezing in PVC pipe. The particular section was 10 feet long, but we also replaced a 3-foot section in the parking strip, and another broken pipe under the driveway that was almost 20 feet long. When PVC pipe freezes it usually ends up with a spiral crack that runs the entire length of the pipe from coupling to coupling. By the time we were finished with all the sprinkler system repairs at this home the bill was near $400.00. All because the system was not blown out the previous fall.

My son holding a piece of broken PVC pipe

Sprinkler Blowout Pricing

Sprinkler Blowout Pricing For Beginning of Season:

    Sprinkler Blowout Pricing November 10 - November 30 (New Requests):

      Sprinkler Blowout Pricing December 1 And Later (New Requests):