Here Are Some Of The Computer Repair Issues We Can Resolve For You
If you have a computer problem not listed below, give a call and we will help you with your unique situation.

  • Slow Computer
    A slow computer can really cut down on your productivity. Your computer could be running at a snail's pace because of windows registry issues, malware, spyware, and viruses.
  • Laptop Screens
    If the screen on your laptop has broken, has lines running through it, cuts in and out or doesn't work at all, it most likely needs replaced. Replacing the screen in a laptop can be a tedious job. Let The Maintenance Shop take care of it for you.
  • Lost Passwords
    If you have lost the password to an important file or document, or you have forgotten the password to log in to your computer there is a high probability we can find the password for you, or reset it so you create a new password.
  • Hardware And Software Issues
    The Maintenance Shop can diagnose and repair hardware and software issues for you, upgrade your hard drives, RAM, CPU, Motherboard, and power supply if needed.
  • Networking
    We can setup your home or small office network for you, repair connectivity issues with the Internet, printers, and other computers

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